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Story by Gail McCabe
For an aspiring Army Officer, the road to the Olympics is on the wrestling mat. Gail McCabe has the story.
Story by SSgt John Archiquette
Air defense is a crucial component in the regional security of Eastern Europe. SSgt John Archiquette takes us to Poland, where US soldiers traveled over 1200 kilometers to take part in exercise Panther Assurance with their Polish Air defense allies.
Story by SSgt Jessica Wolter
Port security is an important task, especially when in a deployed location. SSgt Jessica Wolter introduces us to the Riverines of Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti who are providing security in the waters of East Africa.
Story by SGT Jacob Holmes
There’s always something exciting to ‘find’ or ‘search for’ at the library – but with this story, perhaps should I say, ‘hunt’.
Story by SN Luke Askew
Training is an essential part of the mission at Navy Munitions Command Sigonella, and every two years they get the opportunity to display the skills they work so hard to perfect. SN Luke Askew is there.
Story by SGT Charles Porter
In the military we train for real world situations. SGT Charles Porter takes us to Ramstein, Germany to meet one Air Force unit that is making a difference in units all over USAFE.
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Everyone has a story
Putting the "Ruff" in Tough
Big two pom-poms up for these cheerleaders
Run for the gold...the pot of gold
There's a pot of gold at the finish line
Pie in the face
Springing into action
Never too prepared
Get in the know
Europe's best kept secret
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AFN American Forces Network ® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Defense.